When you buy a shirt, another shirt is given to someone in need. YOU BUY ONE WE GIVE ONE.

How- We distribute our giveaway clothing(brand new clothing) to Pregnancy Resource Centers, homeless shelters, and foster care organizations.

Where- USA. We have always started local(PA) and worked our way out. If you run one of the above mentioned facilities or organization, you can get in touch with us for distribution.

When- Giveaway shirts are distributed the month after the sales month.

What- Most of our giveaway adult and youth shirts are simple shirts with “Good Beats Evil” or “Love Increased” printed on them. Many of the onesies we provide are left blank.

Why- God commands us to love our neighbor. He also commands us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

We encourage you to take any gently used clothing or baby clothing and donate it to a local church or ministry that is making real impact.


Every sale feeds a hungry child for a week through Feed the Hungry USA.

How- Feed the Hungry USA is an amazing Christian organization that feeds hungry children across the globe. A fixed portion of every sale goes to them to feed hungry children and spread the Gospel message.

Where- Internationally. Check out Feed The Hungry USA to see all the locations they are currently serving.

When- After a month of sales close we distribute the funds allocated to feed hungry children.

What- Every culture is different. We are not food distribution experts, so we leave this up to Feed the Hungry USA.

Why- God commands us to love our neighbor. He also commands us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

We encourage you to partner monthly with Feed the Hungry USA. One dollar a day can change a lot of lives.


Giving and Support- We financially support several Pregnancy Resource Centers. These consist of local and other centers that we have built a relationship with and align with our vision of how PRCs should operate. This is different than our giveaway clothing program. This is strictly financially to help these PRC stay healthy and productive.

We encourage you to get involved with a local PRC and see what needs you can fill.


How do you make money?- 100% of Good Beats Evil profits go to support LIFE. We are PRO LIFE so therefore we care about life inside and outside the womb. We are a screen printing shop. We print all of Good Beats Evil apparel at cost so that we can have that much more to do good with. We do custom printing for churches, businesses, and other organizations. The profit from these jobs, keeps the lights on, provides employment, and supports us. Feel free to get in touch with us for any custom screen printing needs you may have (youth groups, fundraising, business, etc) Email us at info@GoodBeatsEvil.com.


Where are you located?- We are located in Central PA and ship Good Beats Evil apparel world wide and ship custom screen printed work within the continental USA.