About Us

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. The brand Good Beats Evil stands in the face of evil and is committed to doing GOOD!

Good Beats Evil was formed with the idea of speaking positively out loud that Good does indeed beat evil. We have read the GOOD Book and we know how this thing ends. Good Beats Evil strives to remind people of the inner GOOD within them and to act upon that though everyday, simple actions to participating in larger than life events to love others. We as a society are told that we are inherently evil, however GOOD beats evil so there is no reason to remain that way!

Good Beats Evil partners with organizations all over the world to show love and compassion to others. We support organizations that feed and clothe less fortunate people in the U.S. and all over the world. In fact every shirt that is sold, another shirt is donated to clothe those in need of nice, clean clothing. And we don’t just give away any old T-shirt, we give away a nice, new shirt with a positive message so that those you receive the shirt are reminded that they are loved, cared for, important, and valuable. A large portion of those free shirts go to homeless men and women all over the U.S.

Good Beats Evil travels to events and concerts across the U.S. to spread the GOOD message. We are fearless in our faith and convictions and feel called to share to the world that Good Beats Evil!